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Electrical muscle stimulator


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Do watch the video about EMS SIX PACK

Is it the figure of your dream?
20 minutes a day without load
  • It burns up the fat
  • It makes muscles stronger
  • It restores the skin

How to reduce a big belly and build abs and muscles quickly at home!


What is the EMS SIX PACK simulator?

“EMS Trainer” Electrical Muscle Stimulator is a new compact myostimulator which can substitute power trainings in a gym.
Using it, you can not only burn up the subcutaneous fat, but also build up your abs, legs’ and arms’ muscles.
Its using is several times cheaper than a subscription to a gym! Timesaving: you can combine training with other things to do
The effectiveness of the myostimulator is confirmed by positive feedbacks of those who have already achieved figure of their dream.

Tangible benefits of EMX SIX PACK

  • It is not visible under the clothes
  • It has no any wires and fittings
  • It has the automatic shutdown
  • Simple use
  • No need traning in a fitness hall

How to keep your body always in good form?

  • Considering the rapid speed of our life, it is difficult to find the time and will for a 1.5-hour training in a gym during the working week.
  • Just for 20 minuts, you will get a personal training with a coach and the really necessary load owing to the individually matched impulses.
  • You can easily do such training during the break for lunch and also will have time to get yourself in order without haste.

Be dedicated and strive for your goal

There is no limit to what you can achieve

We will help you to build the figure of your dream

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Persons have already bought EMS SIX PACK today and started training!

Why it is worthy to try it?

Working out the muscles, which are usually difficult to build up
Possibility to diversify the trainings
Recovery after various injuries

The feedbacks of those who have purchased the device

There is nothing better than EMS stimulator if you live a sedentary lifestyle.

I am sitting in the office all day long and the EMS is only thing that help me. I have no any reasons to complain, my comments are only positive.


I train with the EMS stimulator together with my husband and we both like it. It is simple in use, does not require any additional payments and does not make me tired. The specialists, who created the device, made a great thing!


I have a big excess weight and it is hard for me to do sports. Owing to EMS Trainer, I started to lose the weight gradually - minus 8 kg for the first month.

I have a lot of work ahead and I hope for the EMS.

Electrical muscle stimulator


The product items remained: 0 0 4 The product items remained:
Sale: 69.9 old price 175
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